Possibly the worst time to start a blog about a local community is during a global health pandemic which has essentially changed daily habits that we took for granted, such as outdoor activities, restaurants, other local businesses and irrevocably changed how we live our lives in Annapolis, Maryland and of course, across the country!

However, through a month of sacrifice and protests and unease, I still see the essence that is this town and the personality of its citizens! Through the months of April and May has the quarantine regulations went from encouraging face masks and diligently washing hands, to slowly morphing into only leaving your house for essentials such as groceries, pharmacy runs, or exercise, Annapolitans have as always found a way to continue to support it local restaurants, bars, and essential workers such as postal workers, city workers, and healthcare and first responders!

When the going gets tough Annapolitans will always prioritize, boating, drinking, and friends in that order. One will always find a way to eat out, get their favorite bar drinks and still find ways to enjoy the sunshine on the sunny and even the not so sunny days. Seriously, you could not keep Annapolitans inside if you tried!

Some of my personal favorite haunts during this quarantine have been our favorite pubs, grocery stores and of course liquor stores! When in doubt of getting toilet paper, there will ALWAYS be a way to get a beer or a dark and stormy. A regular comment I have heard many people say is that they will continue to order from their favorite restaurants in hopes it keeps them afloat until we reopen. Many local friends have consistently promised to keep to ordering at least two meals from local establishments every week.

The City of Annapolis has “compiled a list of restaurants open for curbside pickup, delivery, and carryout. As this list is constantly changing, please be sure to call ahead or check the restaurant’s website for further information before placing your order.” 

Some of the shout-outs I wanted to give is Davis Pub for their efficient safety measures for ordering for pick-up, sanitizing pens as they were used, making sure their staff wore face masks and gloves even while outside and for continuing to keep a very similar menu so that the comfort foods we rely on to de-stress us is there.

For Graul’s Market, for being one of the first grocery stores to provide protective glass and PPE gear for both its essential workers and clientele. In additional adding in hand washing stations, at the entrance to the store. It made me feel so safe to shop there. 

To Lewnes’ Steakhouse, for providing clear and updated information about updated menu offerings and for the clear instructions for curbside pick-up! And for your staffs overall friendliness and gratefulness for our business.

To Eastport Liquors and Pinky’s West Street Liquors, thank you remaining open and for instituting safety measures to ensure the health of your patrons and for the above board helpfulness and cheery personalities that put a smile on everyone’s faces.

To every essential worker working the frontlines, for the first responders, policemen and women still out there doing the hard jobs and to the healthcare workers constantly working their heart out to save lives and taking on even more pressure, stress and emotional risks THANK YOU! 

And to you my fellow Annapolitans, thank you for continuing to keep your sense of humor, for being polite in stepping back from an open doorway to let me pass, for the patience of waiting a little longer to pick up your order, and especially for the little moments of trying to smile through a mask to show you see me even as we are suspicious of each other, for taking that friendly effort to say/wave hello from across the street, for stepping aside on a sidewalk to socially distance yourself that 6 foot distance. If ever there was a truth out there, we are in this together and we will get through this together and I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.